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The stone milling method of the Mulino Bravi has been always driven by the force of water. Grinding by means of millstones is one of the oldest procedures and allows obtaining a final product that stands out for its excellent quality.

The mill is constituted by two natural millstones that are driven by a vertical axle made of steel and covered by wood, whose main function is to transmit the movement.

In the lower part of the axle, “spoon-shaped” blades of a turbine are moved by the force of water. Grain enters from a wooden hopper (tramoggia or arcella) placed on top of the millstones. The rate of flow of the grain is adjusted by the miller, lifting and lowering the shoe (mestola) by means of a shoe handle (birello). Through a small window (occhiello) the miller checks the levels of the cereal in the hopper and decides the texture of the resulting flour by adjusting the distance between the two stones (macina dormiente and macina rotante). The quality of the product is finally tested by hand.

The old method of stone milling, together with the ability of the miller, is a guarantee for a high quality product. The slow turning speed of the millstone prevents an increase in temperature during the milling process and avoids damaging the product’s organoleptic characteristics, preserving essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.

The flour made with such process is visually recognizable by the colour and the size of grains, as it will never be as refined as 0 or 00 flours. Only through stone milling is possible to obtain a stoneground whole wheat flour that contains all parts of the grain. This is not possible with an industrial processing of ingredients usually conducted by means of flour mill machines that reduces the final quality of the product losing important components such as the germ and the bran.

Finally, the choice of using strictly organic ingredients made by the Mulino Bravi is guarantee for non-chemically treated products.